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EduConnect for

Whether it’s a corporate or a company manufacturing/ marketing educational products and services, we help organizations/brands reach their target audience through a systematic and professional marketing...

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EduConnect for
Educational Institutes

Besides helping educational institutes like schools, colleges and corporates to reach the target service provider, we also offer marketing techniques that work for them to propel in the market.

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EduConnect for

Whether it’s an information about the newest learning tool, any beneficial online course or providing various training programs for students to prepare them for competitive exams and jobs, we take care ...

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EduConnect is an integrated platform connecting different groups like the schools, colleges, students and organizations in the education ecosystem, in other words, the service providers and consumers of education with each other. We work with a mission to support India attain its education goals in terms of quality, technology, skill development and innovation, and revolutionize the way India learns, works and lives.

We are a pioneer in bringing the two ends together for networking and exchange of ideas ensuring seamless flow of information about best possible ways education can be imparted in India.






Upcoming Events


We are coming with one of the biggest events on Education with the presence of some
of the best experts, technology providers and top educational institutes.

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Why EduConnect?


The world is changing and so is the education sector. The process of imparting education has gone through a sea change in the last few decades with the coming of new technology, learning tools, new and more effective pedagogy and innumerable educational institutes. Seamless flow of accurate information and access to the best ways to learn have become all the more imperative in this case to ensure effective utilization of resources.

EduConnect works as a catalyst in making education a force multiplier for everyone including students, educational institutes and brands. With a comprehensive understanding of how the modern education should work, we create a huge network in the education ecosystem for a systematic flow of information, easy connection between the consumer and the service provider, student’s overall development as well as effective marketing solutions to brands and educational institutes.