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A Smart Move Towards Smart Education



Welcome to EduConnect!

We are an integrated platform connecting different groups like the schools, colleges, students and organizations in the education ecosystem, in other words, the service providers and consumers of education with each other. We work with a mission to support India attain its education goals in terms of quality, technology, skill development and innovation, and revolutionize the way India learns, works and lives.

We are a pioneer in bringing the two ends together for networking and exchange of ideas ensuring seamless flow of information about best possible ways education can be imparted in India.


EduConnect is an initiative by

About Redefine

"Redefine Marcom is an ISO certified leading marketing service provider in India. Established in the year 2009, it has served many reputed brands as its clients since its inception and growing rapidly every year. The company has expanded with an extensive understanding of business over these 7 years and has been providing solutions like LIVECOM, DEMANDCOM, DIGICOM and COMMUNITYCOM to brands across India with branches in New Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Besides EduConnect, Redefine has another successful ventures in the field of Small-Medium businesses and Health named SMBConnect and HealthCareConnect respectively. "

For more information, visit www.redefine.in