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Futuristic Classrooms for Educators

In the age of internet, social media and numerous other forms of information and communication technologies(ICTs) , it would be an anachronism to talk about futuristic ‘classrooms’ for educators. ...

School 4.0

The World Economic Forum in 2016 announced to the world that building on the global phenomenon of Industry 4.0, India and the world are in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution is profoundly transforming the way we live, work, teach and learn. The scope, reach and impact of this revolution will be of hitherto...

Trending Technologies in Education Sector

Technology is evolving and so is its need in Educational sector. With a robust education system in India, it is creating a fast growing market for E-learning based products and services. Increasing population of young students are eager to adopt know-how based culture. Digital literacy in India is expected to escalate

The Increasing Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

Blending education with technology doesn’t have its belongingness in future. It is very much a part of our current education scenario which is to be empowered further for the growth of the educational sector in its entirety.

5 ways to engage introverts in classroom discussion

Ever wondered why some students participate actively in classroom discussions while others contribute only rarely? Ever wrestled with the dilemma of how to elicit responses from quiet students?

5 Skills that should be Taught in Schools, But Usually Aren’t!

That we learn a great deal in schools is an undeniable fact, yet schools fail to impart some of the most essential skills that we, as individuals, need to excel in life. Here are a few skills that schools need to start inculcating in students now-

Technology Trends that will Dominate the Education Landscape in 2018!

Technological innovations have permeated every sphere of our lives. Education is no exception. Technology has twisted the anatomy of the education process..

Biggest Barriers to Education Technology in India

Conventional methods of learning are undergoing transformational change. Instructors are increasingly using technology in classrooms to aid learning processes and to track academic progress of students.

Six Skills Modern Day Educators Need

Whether teaching a first grade student or high school sophomores, teachers today need unique yet specific set of skills to deal with different temperament of students and to achieve optimal learning outcomes. Increasing classroom sizes, rise in diversity of students,

Why Should Academic Institutions Focus on Non-cognitive Skills?

Overall success of students is often adjudged by their performance in academic content and their intellectual capacity..

Addressing Linguistic Diversity in Classrooms

The divergence between language and culture of schools and language and culture of increasing number of students- divide between schools and families- is stark and adversely impacts the learning outcomes. The key to bridging this gap is to..

Use of Data in Education

Data is increasingly gaining relevance in the education sector. The application of data analysis in education can reap tremendous benefits in terms of improving learning outcomes of students, debunking conventional methods of education and engineering student-specific learning solutions to bridge the achievement gaps.

Ways to Keep Students Motivated in Classroom

If there is one thing that we know for certain, it is that students have short attention spans and they prefer procrastinating to learning. In order to achieve optimum learning outcomes, it is important that students find lessons being taught interesting and that instructors possess the calibre to keep students inspired.

Tips to Make Studies Less Cumbersome

Do you believe studying for long, endless hours will get you through? Are you the one who burns night oil to get that A grade in your class? Do you think caffeine is your saviour when it comes to studies? May be these habits helped you get success quite a few times, but these ain’t the ones that you should resort to..

How Social Media Slangs Affect Writing Skills of Students?

Slangs are any words or phrases that are used in informal settings and are common in speech than in writing among a certain group of people. Slangs used on social media and in messaging now have their own identity as a subdivision of our language..

How You Can Become a Teacher of the Future?

Teaching is not an easy job. More so, when the educational sphere is undergoing constant changes in terms of changing job description and responsibilities and the influx of learning technologies..

Most Common Mental Health Problems Faced by Students

Mental health problems can start in students at a very young age with subtle symptoms noticeable only on close observation..

How to Prepare Students for the Future Jobs?

Global economic landscape is replete with gigantic changes taking place every second day. Concurrently, educators are entrusted with the task of inculcating such skills in young students that do not yet exist....