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5 Skills that should be Taught in Schools, But Usually Aren’t!


That we learn a great deal in schools is an undeniable fact, yet schools fail to impart some of the most essential skills that we, as individuals, need to excel in life. Here are a few skills that schools need to start inculcating in students now-

1. Time Management Techniques- Time management courses are generally availed by CEOs and senior managers but if there’s something that students, lower and middle level workers need to learn urgently, it is how to make optimal utilisation of their limited time. Time management techniques can be incorporated in students early on in schools through elementary courses to lessen procrastination and productivity issues.

2. Learning How to Learn- ‘Learning how to learn’ is the ultimate life hack. Best teachers often imbibe studying skills in students from tender age but these tactics never form a part of formal education system. Teaching students how to make better notes and using more efficient instruction techniques are fundamental practices that educators should following.

3. Money Management Skills- Early personal finance education can make students more adept in handling debts and budgets later in life. Maths lessons in schools should include real life examples to teach students the basics of budgeting, loans, interest and savings.

4. Survival Skills- Imparting survival, basic self-defence and life-saving first aid skills to students is of paramount importance in this world of lingering uncertainties. Wilderness survival skills include things like building a fire and finding water and urban survival skills include things like how to make meals from limited supplies, fixing a flat tyre of a car and tackling house break-ins.

5. Making Resumes and Applying for Jobs- The ultimate objective of education is to help individuals become productive and successful in both personal and professional spheres. To aid this goal, schools should impart career exploring, resume-writing and job interviewing skills in students at a younger age.

So while schools strive to ensure holistic development of students, it is essential that these rudimentary skills are not lost sight of and are made a part of the formal school curriculum.

By Deeksha Shivhare
Sr. Executive DigiCom - Content
Redefine Marcom Pvt. Ltd.