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How You Can Become a Teacher of the Future?


Teaching is not an easy job. More so, when the educational sphere is undergoing constant changes in terms of changing job description and responsibilities and the influx of learning technologies. Before the advent of internet, teaching methods relied on conventional means of instruction and communication. But, the recent times are characterised by artificial intelligence and virtual reality dominating the education landscape.

The teachers of the future have to be adept in using these educational technologies and in adapting to the changing learning needs of the students. Here are some tips to help you impart relevant skills to your students so that they can seize emerging opportunities-

1. Switch to E-teaching- With technology becoming all-too-pervasive, it is essential that you update yourself with the recent technology trends to stay ahead of the curve. Along with appreciating technology, it is also imperative to recognise that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. affect the daily lives of your students tremendously and that students use them constantly to disseminate information. As a teacher of the future, you will need to create social media pages where students can post and access information as well as ask questions. You will also need to adopt artificial intelligence, data analytics and cloud technology to enhance learning experience of your students.

2. Adopt Paperless Learning- In the future, you can have notes on your laptop or tablet which students can access through mobile phones and instead of dictating them notes in the classroom, you can simply send them a soft copy of these notes. Besides saving time and paper, this will leave you with more time to explain critical concepts and answer queries of students since students would have already skimmed through the notes.

3. Have Practical Projects- Considering the fact that job-oriented environments require application of skills of students rather than theoretical learning, it is essential to give them practical projects to work on. This is called in-service learning where classroom learnings are made real for students. This will encourage students to use skills and concepts learnt in class while developing capabilities needed to succeed in the corporate world.

4. Interactive Lessons- If you want to be the teacher of the future, you will have to develop the art of quality interventions to take the academic level of your students to the next level. You will need to develop the ability to recognise their strengths and weaknesses and incorporate effective learning techniques to hold their attention for long.

You cannot prevent the future from happening, but you can equip yourself with relevant learning methodologies that enhance the skill set and problem-solving abilities of your students.

By Deeksha Shivhare
Sr. Executive DigiCom - Content
Redefine Marcom Pvt. Ltd.