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Tips to Make Studies Less Cumbersome


Do you believe studying for long, endless hours will get you through? Are you the one who burns night oil to get that A grade in your class? Do you think caffeine is your saviour when it comes to studies? May be these habits helped you get success quite a few times, but these ain’t the ones that you should resort to in the long term. Rather than relying on traditional study methods like studying in the same room for long tiring hours, pouring over the same subject trying to cram it, you should turn to a bit of science.

Here are some tips backed by science to make studies less cumbersome-

1. Get Exercising- Research studies have proved that exercising through the week can help you improve your memory while keeping you fit. Take quick breaks during studying. Try stretching, a bit of some light cardio, a short walk, or aerobics to get your blood flowing and to keep your mind alert.

2. Spread Your Studying Hours- Rather than mugging up your entire syllabus in one long session, try breaking it up into smaller sessions over a long period of time. Start studying a few days or weeks before your test or examination date. Pulling up an all-nighter or cramming up everything in a single day will mess up lessons in your head and there is a greater chance of you forgetting pieces of information you committed to your memory in one go.

3. Change Study Locations- You might have one specific corner in a room or a table in the library where you find comfortable studying, but science suggests changing study locations can improve your retention power. By giving your brain different locations to associate the lessons with, you are more likely to retain that crucial bit of information at the time of the test.

4. Teach Someone Else- Instead of trying to learn just for the sake of learning, try learning with the intention of teaching that lesson to someone else. Teaching someone else what you have learnt will help you absorb that lesson better, and will compel you to think of its practical applications while revealing the points that you need clarity on.

5. Switch Learning Mediums- While learning from the typed, neat notes on your laptop or tablet might be the easiest way to learn, but these devices can cause strain in your eyes, making you feel drained off quickly. They are also known to slow down your reading speed. Therefore, it is essential to switch to your handwritten notes for a while to break the monotonicity and to grasp lessons better.

By Deeksha Shivhare
Sr. Executive DigiCom - Content
Redefine Marcom Pvt. Ltd.