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Trending Technologies in Education Sector


Technology is evolving and so is its need in Educational sector. With a robust education system in India, it is creating a fast growing market for E-learning based products and services. Increasing population of young students are eager to adopt know-how based culture. Digital literacy in India is expected to escalate with new emerging Educational trends with the focus on infotainment centric technologies. The 1: 1 individual learning methodologies is expected to be overpowered by the employment of impactful Edtech trends. The trends are proven to be not only effective in helping students to acquire their regular lessons on day to day basis but also to explore and invent beyond the limited scope which they have in non-tech classrooms. The advancing expertise in education will enable the students to seek opportunities for interacting with the world and explore the vast amount of unexploited knowledge.

Edtech trends are paving a strong way for the future of education as technology is letting the teachers to grow further than the learning which is confined to text books and is mere linear. This in turn will enhance the skills of students streamlining their approach towards their professional life.
So here are some Edtech trends which are making their mark in upliftment of education:

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality is “a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view”. It bridges the gap between the virtual and physical world seamlessly. Integration of augmented reality in school can result in more engagement of students where they can experience better understanding of concepts.

Artificial Intelligence
Tutoring system based on Artificial Intelligence enables the students to adopt a method of learning based on self- regulation and self- explanation, which is more effective than traditional method of learning.  The ‘one-size-fit-all’ approach of teaching is supposed to be out casted by the personalised approach of teaching given by Artificial Intelligence.

3D Printing
The new innovative and exciting educational tool, 3D is making its mark in education sector. It makes learning more fun and engaging by allowing the students to bring the subject matter to life in front of them, making them more curious to solve problems, hence, stimulating their critical thinking. 

What would be more interesting than playing a game and earning victory badges for solving problems in lieu of holding books in hand and trying to figure out the problems? Gamification provides what exactly is required to make students indulge in learning in the way they want- the gaming way.

By Dashmeet Kaur
Content Writer, Redefine Marcom Pvt. Ltd.